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Standardization of Impact Investing Benchmarks Takes One Step Closer

Working with a select group of property owners, the network created the benchmark with an initial focus on social inclusion.


Amit Bouri, CEO and Co-Founder, GIIN, believes that this overall impact is a major milestone for the investment market and the financial market.

“Our goal is for impact performance benchmarks to play the same role that financial benchmarks play in investing, creating a mechanism by which investors can push themselves to achieve better performance,” he said. “We want every investor to wake up every day to think about how they can make a bigger impact, whether in their local communities or around the world.”

Currently, the benchmark is only available to select GIIN members.

GIIN includes hundreds of members globally, including RBC Global Asset Management, FinDev Canada, BlackRock, UBS, JPMorgan Chase and PayPal.

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