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Why are Canadian investors not supporting the country’s innovators?

CPE Analytics data shows that total disbursements reached a record high of $13.6 billion, accounting for US$7.6 billion.

Canadian investors contributed just 28% of the total disbursements, down from a pandemic-driven record high of 48% and the previous worst record of 35% in 2017.

The largest three investor types were US VCs ($3.5 billion), US hedge funds ($1.43 billion), and Canadian VCs ($1.2 billion).

A total of 716 Canadian firms saw the bulk of investments last year with Ontario ($5.92 billion), BC ($3.93 billion), Quebec ($2.59 billion) and Alberta ($0.57 billion).

The disbursements were led by early-stage funding, which dominated the numbers of both funding and disbursements, raising $6.91 billion from 379 funding. Seed/pre-seed funding received $710 million, which is 23% of total funding, the highest level since 2017.

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