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Ontario takes extra steps in title protection push

“Consumers will also have confidence that the person they are working with has a minimum level of education, is being actively monitored and is subject to a complaint and discipline process,” he said.

Each FSRA-approved credentialing organization will be expected to take responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the behavior of their respective financial planner or financial advisor credential holders.

FSRA mandates that credentialing bodies have effective supervisory systems in place, as well as a code of conduct that requires credential holders to prioritize the interests of their customers and ensures that customers are treated fairly .

“FP Canada welcomes approval by the FSRA as a credentialing body to grant and oversee financial planner title use,” said Tashia Batstone, President and CEO of FP Canada, who has earned the Certified Financial Planner and Qualified Associate Financial Planner designations. Highlighted as “Excellent Opportunities” for those interested in a career in financial planning to develop the skills and competencies to best meet the needs of all Canadians.

“As a professional body acting in the public interest, we strongly support the Financial Professionals Title Protection Act and its benefits to consumers in the form of clarity and confidence. We partner with the FSRA under this important new framework. Look forward to working,” he added.

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