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Should Canadians plan a life for work from anywhere?

“In February 2020, working from home and hybrid models were not top of mind. Today, flexibility is an expectation and a significant gap for businesses competing for talent in a limited pool. It is not a big leap to think about That ability to work not only from home but from anywhere will be next – but doing so brings significant payroll complications for both employers and employees,” he said.

Nearly a quarter of respondents said they would consider working abroad while maintaining their current job. Two-fifths (39%) said they would maintain their current employment, but would live in a different region or country if their company allows it.

The ability to locate to another part of the country or world (46%) was the most prevalent reason for relocating to another jurisdiction (province or country), followed by money savings (38%), improving work-life balance (29%) ), investing in property in a different market (22%), and living closer to family and friends (21%).

Seventy percent of the respondents said they would not accept a pay cut in exchange for geographic flexibility. The few who are willing to pay a part of their wages claim that they are not ready to sacrifice much. Only 4% of the respondents would tolerate a reduction of 20% or more.

Moving out of Canada is far more difficult, partly because each country has its own rules.

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