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How to Talk to Your Clients About ESG, Crypto and NFTs

2022 has already thrown some curve balls at us. Asset categories like crypto have increased dramatically in popularity, and the macroeconomic environment continues to create challenging conditions. The panel is made up of leading advisors along with top entertainment and music clients. These clients have demanding needs from a privacy, cyber security, technology, investment and risk perspective – and all of these will serve as best practices for clients.

This webinar will focus on:

  • balance between human and automatic
  • ESG. role of
  • Finding produce in today’s environment
  • How to Talk to Customers About Crypto and NFTs

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Louis Barajas, MBA, CFP®, EA
Co-Founder and CEO
business management lab

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Elizabeth Campos
director of business management
Manhattan West Asset Management, LLC

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julian schubach
VP, Wealth Management
ODI Financial

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