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What is Service Field Management Software?

Service Area Management Defined

To understand the software requirement field management services, we need to define field service management first. In simple words, it is a management system that enables an ops manager to efficiently and effectively manage off-site workers and the resources they require to perform their jobs.

In most circumstances, field service management It involves sending employees to locations outside the company premises to fulfill a specific task or role. The operations manager’s responsibility is to keep track of field resources, coordinate their schedules, what tasks need to be delivered, and what resources are needed to successfully complete the task.

For example, cleaning crews will need to know where they are being stationed, what job requirements they need to meet, and what cleaning supplies are needed to accomplish what is needed. Another example would include a security guard, their shift schedule, and the elements they need, for example, weapons, radios, etc., to ensure the safety of the location and/or the persons they are guarding.

Previously this type of system was managed manually using paperwork, filing, Excel spreadsheets and more, but as technology has evolved, so has the process. This is why many business sectors within the services industry are turning to innovative software solutions to ease the management of services.

What types of activities are involved in field service management?

when choosing field service software, there are five main types of activities you should focus on; This includes:

  1. Scheduling: This includes the process of organizing and organizing employees’ shift schedules, appointments, and work schedules.
  2. Remittance Management: It is the process of coordinating locations and sending employees to different work places.
  3. Employee Tracking: Refers to the monitoring of employees in relation to customer contract requirements to ensure that the right employee is in the right place at the right time.
  4. inventory management: Refers to keeping track of the resources and supplies needed by employees to perform their jobs efficiently.

Field Service Contract Management: Managing contracts with your customers and ensuring that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met and that your customers are satisfied with the level of service received.

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