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How (and Why) to Post to Instagram from PC or Mac

When Instagram launched in 2010, users could only share square images from their mobile devices. Since then, the app has evolved to include features such as multi-image posting, private messaging and a comprehensive set of editing tools that can make an amateur smartphone photo look like a professional image. In 2021, Instagram rolled out another new feature: the ability to post to the app from PC or Mac.

Casual users may not feel obligated to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac. But for marketers, this new feature can simplify and improve Instagram management.

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of posting to Instagram from a desktop or laptop, and explain how to do it.

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Why can a business post to Instagram from a computer?

Professionals running a business account may want the option to post to Instagram on desktop for the following reasons:

Simplify the publishing process

If you’ve ever tried to create an Instagram post using an image stored on your company’s servers, you know the process isn’t ideal. You may have to email the image yourself, download it to your mobile phone, and then upload it to Instagram. Being able to post to Instagram from your PC simplifies this process.

create flawless content

Proofing your content and hashtags can be a challenge when you’re viewing a 6-inch smartphone screen. When posting to Instagram from your desktop, you can type your content in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, check spelling and grammar, and then copy and paste it into your post.

A large screen is also helpful for photographers and designers who want to see how an image will appear. On desktop, they can easily detect any issues with aspect ratio or resolution.

establish work-life balance

Many marketers who manage Instagram accounts use their own phones to do so. If you forget to toggle between accounts, you can post to the wrong profile. Posting to Instagram from your company laptop or desktop prevents this wrong move.

how to post to instagram from pc

The desktop web version of Instagram lets you browse your feed, post photos and videos to your profile, view your notifications, and reply to direct messages (DMs).
In this guide, we will show you three ways to post to Instagram from PC or Mac:

  1. How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Using Sprout Social
  2. How to Post to Instagram from a Computer Using Your Browser
  3. How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Using Creator Studio

Let’s start with Sprout Social.

1. How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Using Sprout Social

Using Sprout Social, you can post photos, videos, carousels and stories to your Instagram business profile. You can also cross-post to other channels, view in-depth analysis, and collaborate with your team.

To post to Instagram, open write In the Sprout desktop app and select the image you want to add. You can use Sprout’s photo editor to adjust your image before posting it.

After your image is created and you’ve selected the account you want to post to, you can schedule your first comment with a hashtag and tag up to 20 users. As an added bonus, you can also add internal tags to help organize your posts by topic or campaign.

Choose when you want to publish your post: Instantly, on a specific day, or let Sprout Queue auto-schedule it.

Gif of How to Post an Instagram Carousel from the Sprout Social Desktop App

2. How to Post to Instagram from Computer Using Your Browser

You can post to Instagram from your web browser, whether you’re using a Mac or PC. The web version of Instagram allows you to upload and post a photo or video just like you would on the mobile app. Here’s how to post to Instagram from PC or Mac using Google Chrome, Safari, or any other web browser:

Open your browser and log in to Instagram, then click , Icon to add image. You can drag or drop the image, or select an image to upload from your computer.

Screenshot of how to post to Instagram from desktop via the native app.

Adjust the size of the image, if necessary, and apply filters or make edits. then press next, You can now tag people, add captions, and specify your location. You can also add alternate text by clicking on Accessibility.

Click share When you are ready to post.

3. How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Using Creator Studio

If you have an Instagram Business or Creator account, you can use Creator Studio to post, manage, monetize, and measure content across all of your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

Instagram Creator Studio Homepage Dashboard

Here’s how to post and schedule photo, video, and carousel posts from your desktop using Creator Studio for Instagram:

Log in to your Creator Studio dashboard using your Facebook or Instagram credentials, then click connect your account,

Click create postthen choose Instagram feed And select the account for your post. Write your caption. You can include up to 30 hashtags and tag up to 30 users.

Then add your image—upload a file from your computer, or choose an image from your Facebook profile. Click To publish To post your content right away, or to schedule it for later.

How to Post an Instagram Story from Your Desktop

Although different from regular posts, you can post an Instagram Story from your computer using the Sprout Instagram mobile publishing workflow.

Schedule your Instagram Story video in Sprout’s desktop app and then assign a mobile publisher—the person responsible for publishing posts to Instagram—to publish content to your Instagram account via Sprout’s mobile app at a given time .

Example of using the Sprout Social mobile publisher option.

Why Sprout Social is the Best Solution for Posting to Instagram from PC or Mac

Now you know how to post photos to Instagram from PC or Mac, whether using a web browser or Facebook’s Creator Studio. But if you want the best desktop experience possible, you’ll want to use Sprout’s desktop app.

Here’s why:

Support for all types of posts

Sprout lets you post all kinds of Instagram content from your computer—including images, carousels, videos, and stories.

post scheduling

Using Sprout’s content calendar, you can plan and schedule your Instagram content in advance. Plus, you can prepackage the first comment with relevant hashtags to increase your reach.

Screenshot of Sprout Social Instagram post compose screen and first comment scheduling.

image editing

You can use Sprout’s photo editor to adjust image size and add filters, effects, text overlays and stickers.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts

You can connect multiple Instagram business accounts to Sprout Social and choose which profile to publish your content to.

Example of Sprout's Instagram Business Profile report and analysis

social crm

Sprout’s Social CRM lets you access conversation history and relevant contact information so you can personalize responses to incoming messages. You can match social contacts with related customer Salesforce data – without leaving Sprout – to give a complete picture of sales and marketing.

in-depth reporting

Sprout’s Instagram reporting lets you analyze hundreds of data points including stories across multiple profiles so you can track and refine your strategy.

Ready to see how Sprout Social simplifies social media management? Sign up for a 30-day free trial!

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