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What is the difference between Shift Allowance and Night Shift Allowance?

It is also important to discuss shift allowances in the context of night shift allowance, because they are different. Shift work requires employees to work alternately in shifts, for example, early morning, evening, afternoon, etc. Night shift differs because they are not rotating shifts. They are performed daily between 6:00 pm and 6:00 pm. In many service industries, businesses have both shift allowances and night shift allowances, depending on the jobs that need to be completed and the requirements of the industry.

As you can imagine, managing different employees and their shift allowances, wages and hours can be quite complicated, especially if they are working in different locations. Managing these elements effectively is essential to the employees, payroll processes, and overall success of the business. When managed correctly, you can ensure maximum labor efficiency, cost reduction and legislative compliance. The question is, how do businesses effectively manage all these moving parts? The answer lies in innovative workforce management software like EasyRoster.

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