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People Management: The Ultimate Guide to Operating

What is Operations Management?

In simple words, operations management can be defined as the administration of business practices to increase efficiency in an organization. It involves working with people, processes, technology, materials and machines. The focus of operations management is to keep costs down, ensure excellent customer service, increase efficiency and improve revenue in delivering goods and services. In a nutshell, Operations Management deals with people management skills and project management.

Operations management is an essential function within a business because it links many different departments from sales, marketing, fiancé, business development and customer service. There is a need for complete transparency in all departments to make operations management successful.

A person who performs this function in a business is appropriately called an operations manager. They are responsible for many activities that include planning, executing and managing the production of goods and services. They are also responsible for managing people in the workplace. These can be defined according to a number of functions and roles, which we see below.

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