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The 6 Benefits of Induction For New Employees

What is an induction?

Now you may be thinking, why is induction training so necessary? We will answer this question a little later in the blog but first, let’s go through the induction definition.

In simple terms, induction Provides new employees with essential business information about their position, the company’s objectives and goals and how their roles and responsibilities fit into this and more. This will aim to give employees a full view of the business and also showcase the value that employees add by doing their jobs effectively.

This process is often referred to as an induction program for new employees. Not only are you welcoming your new hire into the business and showing them the ropes, but you are also helping them transition easily into their new role. In this way, you are providing the support needed to set them up for success.

As mentioned above, a few elements need to be included in the employee induction training. This includes:

  • Employer’s expectations of the jobs that the employee is going to fill
  • What the employee’s performance is going to be measured against
  • The ins and outs of the company culture
  • Important company policies and contracts
  • Tools and software utilized by the company, for example, a workforce management solution

The purpose of induction in relation to the elements above is that it assists in helping the employee fully understand their role in the business and how they fit into the company. When managed efficiently, this process has been known to increase productivity as the employee has all the relevant business knowledge to hit the ground running with their tasks.

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