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How to tell your boss about the business value of TikTok

8 crore people spend an average of 24 hours on Tiktok every month, Your brand can use this new opportunity to revolutionize the way you interact with customers to dramatically increase your brand’s visibility.

When users scroll through TikTok, the brands that are really “killing it” are creating content that is entertaining as well as authentic – giving viewers a feeling of being closer to the brand. This trend is often a far cry from the polished and perfect posts we are used to seeing from businesses on other social media platforms.

Join Sprout Social’s Jonathan Zuluaga and Sarah Corley as they discuss:

  • How valuable can TikTok be to your business
  • tiktok viewers
  • Top TikTok Marketing Tips for Brands

How to Explain the Business Value of TikTok to Your Boss The post first appeared on Sprout Social.

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