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10 YouTube Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing in 2022

Great videos don’t happen by accident. Maybe they did once that candid shot turned viral sensation in the early days of YouTube and Vine. Things have changed since then, and you need to be more strategic with your YouTube content. he is there youtube analytics Comes. It pinpoints exactly what’s working and what’s not, so you can continue to produce great videos consistently.

There are tons of YouTube analytics tools that can give you a comprehensive view of your performance. These insights can then inform your content production and promotion strategies. Thus, they will eventually help you grow your channel. We have compiled a list of the best YouTube analytics tools that can give you an inside look at your YouTube performance.

Use these YouTube analytics tools to boost your marketing

With the abundance of options out there, you may be wondering which YouTube analytics tools can best support your needs. Here are ten of the best options on the market:

    1. Sprout Social
    2. youtube analytics
    3. unbox social
    4. Viduli
    5. quintessentially
    6. channelmeter
    7. viralstate
    8. tubbuddy
    9. tubular intelligence
    10. unmetric

1. Sprout Social

our own YouTube Analytics Tool Provides detailed information on how your individual videos are performing. Using YouTube Video Reports, you can track a number of video-specific performance metrics. This includes metrics such as video views and estimated minutes watched. It also calculates the average time of videos watched and engagement for each video.

Grid view makes it easy to see which video you’re analyzing. This lets you quickly compare thumbnails of different videos and see which videos need improvement.

You can customize the report by sorting videos by their performance-specific metrics. For example, you can sort videos in order of video views or engagement.

youtube analytics sprout

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2. YouTube Analytics

YouTube basic analysis Provides detailed information on how your channel is performing in terms of views, views and subscriber growth. The Overview section provides you with a graph where you can see how your channel’s performance is changing over time.

Using this tool, you can see how your impressions led to total viewing time and how viewers found you. This gives you a better understanding of the visibility of your video, so you can decide if it needs improvement.

YouTube Analytics also helps you understand your audience Better. This shows when your audience is active on YouTube and what other channels they watch. From the Research tab, you can also find out what keywords your audience is searching for, so you know what they’re interested in.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard with Channel Overview

3. Unbox Social

unbox social Gives you a complete look at your YouTube performance. You can get post-level performance insights to see which appeals to your audience and which doesn’t.

It lets you monitor the number of subscribers gained and lost to better understand the growth of your channel. It also gives you an in-depth analysis of your audience’s demographics, so that you can tailor your strategy accordingly.

By using this YouTube analytics tool, you can see how your video view changing with time. That way, you can determine when your views increased and whether a specific video contributed to this increase.

Sex Ratio and Total Video View Graph on Social Unbox

4. Viduli

Viduli A powerful video analytics tool to measure your video performance. Its analytics function works on YouTube and other major social networks. The Brand Lift Study lets you measure the success of your campaign in terms of impressions and ad recall lift.

Audience Insights can reveal the viewing habits of your audience across different platforms. This way, you can adjust your campaign and promotional strategies To get along better with them.

This YouTube analytics tool helps you partner with influential YouTube creators. So, if you are planning to launch an influencer marketing campaign involving YouTubers, this is a great tool.

Brand Lift Study Report on vidooly

5. Quintessentially

quintessentially One of the strongest YouTube analytics tools in the market. It offers hundreds of metrics that you can track to take a comprehensive look at your performance. This includes the channel’s subscription status and traffic sources. It also shows you the playback location and card metrics for your channel.

This tool lets you delve deeper into surface-level metrics and gives you an analysis of views coming from premium members and private videos. It also gives you a better understanding of how your channel has performed since inception. For this you can see historical subscriber count and lifetime metrics.

Analytics Reports Dashboard on Quintly

6. Channelmeter

channelmeter Lets you track all basic performance metrics. This includes the number of views, the size of the audience and the estimated minutes watched. But the major focus of the platform is YouTube creator management and performance tracking.

You can see who your top performers are, with an analysis of what each creator is contributing. This includes the number of views monetized playbackEngagement, subscribers and top videos.

Creator Dashboard on Channelmeter

7. ViralStat

viralstate Lets you track your video performance across major social networks. It allows you to monitor all the key performance indicators from a single dashboard. This helps to simplify your campaign measurement.

This tool gives you a better understanding of your audience by seeing what they do on other social media platforms. it will help you find youtube video ideas And create content that resonates with them. You can also see which creators they follow and trust, which can then inform your influencer marketing strategy.

Analytics Dashboard on ViralState

8. TubeBuddy

tubbuddy Gives you a comprehensive dashboard where you can view your channel analytics insights. It comes with a comparison graph where you can visualize how your views for the last 30 days compare with those of your competitors.

Competitive Scorecard lets you make detailed comparisons on other metrics such as subscribers, views, and uploads. You can use “videolytics” to research your competitors and see what is and isn’t working for them.

Channellytics Dashboard on Tubebuddy

9. Tubular Intelligence

tubular intelligence AI-powered video analytics platform. It provides suggestions on content categories and trending hashtags. This can inspire you to create videos that your audience is excited to watch. That way, you have a better chance of making videos that youtube algorithm More viewers will like and display.

The platform gives you detailed insight into the demographics of your audience. It even lets you add e-commerce shopping and engagement measures. This will help you understand the impact it has on the behavior of the audience. The best part is that you can do the same with your competitors’ channels.

Performance Insights Graph on Tubular

10. Unmetric

unmetric YouTube offers one of the most powerful solutions in competitor analytics. This gives you a comprehensive list to see how your channel compares with the competition. You can make comparisons on metrics like views, growth in views, and average views. It lets you compare metrics like customer growth, average duration, and uploads.

You can quickly analyze audience sentiment on your competitive videos to see what’s working. Additionally, the report on your most engaging video tags will show you what resonates with your audience.

Competitor Comparison List on Unmetric

Measure and grow your YouTube channel

Analyzing your existing strategy is essential if you want to grow your channel. Additionally, you have to stay informed about changes in audience preferences. This will help you optimize your strategy for big impact.

download latest Sprout Social Index To learn more about changes in consumer preferences. Then you’ll understand how your business can adapt to these trends for your YouTube strategy.

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