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TikTok Creator Next: What is it and how to join

About 20% of TikTok’s 1 billion monthly active users have 20,000 or more followers. This means that around 196 million people have significant followers on the app – a figure that indicates the maker economy is maturing and expanding.

Today, 50 million people already identify as content creators. As building a following on channels like TikTok becomes more accessible, more people will take advantage of the opportunity to become creators, monetize their videos, and build a long-term, sustainable career.

To help creators navigate their way towards success, TikTok launched TikTok Creator Next, a gateway to all of the platform’s monetization features and tools.

In this article, we explain what is TikTok Creator Next, how it differs from TikTok Creator Fund and how it can help brands find creators.

What is Creator Next on Tiktok?

According to TikTok, Creator Next is “a program designed to help TikTok creators grow their communities.”

The Creator Next portal allows eligible creators to access all of TikTok’s monetization features and tools, including:

  • The Creator Fund: Fund set up by TikTok to compensate creators for their content. Creator fund revenue is based on creator metrics. The fund aims to help creators enough to “earn a living” and “spark careers”.
  • The Creator Marketplace: The official collaboration platform that connects brands and creators on TikTok. Brands can search for creators to collaborate on both paid and rewards-based campaigns.
  • Video Gifts and Live Gifts: Using video and live gifts, viewers can send prepaid coins to show their appreciation for a creator’s content on a video-by-video basis. Collecting coins is one way that creators can get diamonds, financial rewards from TikTok based on the popularity of the video.
Screenshot of GIFTS, viewer can send creator.  All gifts are represented by animated images, of which "thumbs up" From flowers to crown.  These gifts can be found in the comments section of a creator's video.
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  • Tips: This feature allows viewers to send financial aid directly to their favorite creators. When viewers send a tip, they’ll have the option to choose $5, $10, $15 or a custom amount.

The integration of these tools and features into the Creator Next platform makes it easier for social media content creators to maximize their financial opportunity on TikTok. For brands, Creator Next leads a more direct way to work with creators who are a good fit for their community.

Creator Next vs Creator Fund: What’s the difference?

When TikTok launched Creator Next, it caused some confusion among creators who were already using creator funds to monetize their TikTok presence. Many wondered why he had to join a new program and how it would affect his earnings.

Fortunately for creators, the Creator Fund hasn’t changed. This is still the primary way that TikTok is financially rewarding its highest-performing creators – especially those who deliver “original and creative content” that is similar to TikTok in order to “inspire joy and creativity”. aligned with the mission.


I am sure that frequent creators bring in more money. Nice to see a random video go viral

duvet – baa

Established in 2020, the fund started with an initial investment of $200 million. Currently, TikTok aims to grow the fund to $1 billion over the next three years. Compensation rates vary based on creator views and engagement metrics.

Creator Next serves as the hub for all TikTok monetization resources, and Creator Fund is a monetization tool within the larger Creator Next toolbox. Creators can use it to earn money directly from TikTok, brand partnerships and audiences alike. Creator Next is designed to streamline the Creator user experience, but it will not affect the way Creator Fund works.

Requirements to join Tiktok Creator Next

For creators to join TikTok Creator Next, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a certain number of followers (usually 1,000+ depending on their location) and at least 1,000 video views
  • Have posted at least three TikTok videos in the last 30 days
  • Stay in good standing according to TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service
  • be 18 years of age or older (19 in South Korea and 20 in Japan)

I can’t thank you all enough for the #foryoupage #fyp #followers #thank you #UARushChallenge #creatornext

Original sound editing material kinda

Other Eligibility Criteria

Even if a creator meets the above requirements, there are factors that affect their ability to join Creator Next and use all of the program’s resources.

For example, you must be a creator (brands with TikTok Business accounts cannot be included) and be located in an area where Creator Next is currently available.

Importantly, having enough followers to join does not mean that you will have enough followers, views or engagements to use all the features. To receive Creator Fund payments, creators must have at least 10,000 followers and have earned 100,000 organic views in the past 30 days. To receive tips, creators must have at least 100,000 followers.


Tiktok Creator Next @tiktokcreators @tiktok #tiktokcreatornext #creatornext

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how to apply for creator next on tiktok

If you meet the eligibility requirements of TikTok, here is how you can apply to join Creator Next.

  1. In the TikTok mobile app, tap profile in the lower right corner.
  2. Once on your profile, tap three-line mark in the upper right corner.
  3. tap manufacturer tools,
  4. At the bottom of your screen, tap Add On the Creator Next banner.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply.
@ everything

How to apply for Creator Next on #TikTok. #totallyarandomhashtag #everythingcults #fyp #creatornext

Original soundtrack – everything cult • following

Why TikTok creators matter to Next Brands

As Creator Next and the Creator Marketplace grow, collaboration and partnerships will become more accessible to brands of all sizes.

The Creator Marketplace helps brands overcome common barriers when working with creators, such as finding highly qualified, successful creators who align with their brand values ​​and have the potential to reach their target audience.

A graph from the Sprout Social Creator Economy Data report that reads "The main challenges marketers face when working with marketers." Various data points are available in the graphic, with 45% of the respondents saying that Budget.
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How Brand Creators Can Use the Marketplace

To start collaborating with creators in the Creator Marketplace, follow these steps.

1. Sign up and discover creators

Sign up with an Ads Manager account to access creators’ profiles, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and more. Once you find the right producer, invite them to work with you by sending them your campaign details and a contract.

You can also create an open campaign for interested creators to apply to work with you.

2. Align to Campaign Details

After connecting with a producer, confirm your campaign details before video production begins. For example, align on compensation, shooting location, wardrobe budget, number of reshoots, video length, products used in the video, and more.

Proceeding without verifying these specifications may negatively affect the final product.

3. Analyze Campaign Metrics

Finally, wait for the results to come. On TikTok, creators must disclose brand partnerships in their videos. Using the Branded Content toggle, their video will be linked to your Creator Marketplace campaign. Your brand will have access to real-time data about the campaign—including reach and impact.

Screenshot of a TikTok caption by Thepasinis.  In the caption you can see the Paid Partnership toggle.
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Although TikTok business account creators are not eligible to apply for Next, brands can use the portal to build relationships with creators.

Take Your Creator Partnership to the ‘Next’ Level

The producer economy is expanding to new heights. As more and more people gain an impressive social following, opportunities like TikTok Creator Next will help solidify long-term careers for content creators.

Brands can use this expanded talent network to elevate a creator’s reach, management and content strategy.

Looking for more maker-focused resources? Read how you can investigate content creators and build lasting partnerships with them.

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