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Breaking “It’s Corny”: I Can’t Imagine a More Beautiful Thing

If you’ve spent any time online lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about corn. According to the recent trending TikTok song, it is “one big knot with the knob”. A new TikTok soundtrack, titled “Corn But It’s a Song and Unite’s World”, has produced over 607,000 videos at the time of publication, and that number is only increasing. As the song says, “there’s juice in it”.


Intro song for any meal/snack with corn – @doingthings. from the prestigious interview

It’s Corn – Tariq and the Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy

i can tell you all about it

On August 4, a YouTube account called Rickes Therapy posted a video. The host, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, interviewed a kid about his favorite food at the fair—corn. Corn fans on the Internet fell in love with the baby’s enthusiasm and a meme was born.

It wasn’t long before the internet’s favorite songwriter, Shmoyoho, was inspired by the video. If you don’t recognize the name, you will definitely recognize their work. His lyrical news and viral videos were the soundtrack to 2010. Shamoyoho is behind another viral moment of pure bliss, the song Double Rainbow.

Something about a child’s joy and nostalgia of Autotune resonates with the public. It didn’t take long for other creators to hop on the corn trend, showing off their favorite things or skills in a corn-themed background.

When I Tried It With Marketing, Everything Changed

Marketers are jumping on the corn wagon. Like any trend, marketers are using it to talk to their audience and show that they are in on the joke. Let’s take a look at how marketers are making the most of this trend.

succumb to the absurdity

Some social parties are making videos that comment on how random the corn phenomenon is. IU Volleyball staged a photoshoot with ears of corn, while the Florida Gators mimicked the soundtrack of a collective running in their stadium.


Showing us where the aux chord was for #TheSwamp was a mistake #GoGators #Florida #ItsCorn #CollegeFootball

It’s Corn – Tariq and the Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy


Ours > Yours #WorldPrincessWeek #volleyball #indiana #bigten

It’s Corn – Tariq and the Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy

putting product at the fore

Connecting with an audience is a big part of marketing, but you can’t completely forget about your product. To keep the focus on his offerings, Scrub Daddy chose to cover a giant version of his sponge in corn kernels and Spindrift featured a very special corn-flavored sparkling water.


@ACRC Real squeezed corn’s answer. #itscorn #yupthatsit #itasthejuice

It’s Corn – Tariq and the Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy


I mean… how can we not?? #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge

It’s Corn – Tariq and the Gregory Brothers and Recess Therapy

Featuring a Very Special Guest

It’s especially easy to capitalize on trends when they engage directly with your product. South Dakota, home of Corn Palace, invited the famous elementary school student to visit the attraction, garnering 5.5 million views and over a million likes as of publication. Chipotle took a similar approach, ordering her a bowl made entirely of corn.

@South Dakota

He’s got the juice! #itscorn #cornkid #recesstherapy

Basic voice-talking

it has juice

Staying on top of trends is important for any social media manager and this one is no exception. Jumping on the bandwagon in a creative way can have a huge impact on accessibility. The fast pace of social media makes it the perfect place to act fast and make the most of the moment.

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