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How to Hide Likes on Facebook: Your Step by Step Guide

Facebook is constantly rolling out new updates to enhance the user experience. From Stories to Facebook Live, many of their new features have been a hit among users. In fact, over 1 billion people now use Stories.

Marketers need to constantly stay on top of these updates to make full use of the platform’s potential and stay competitive.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at one of the latest features,Option to hide likes on Facebook. We’ll take a look at why you might want to hide likes on Facebook and walk you through how to do that.

Why do you want to hide likes on Facebook

The more we try to deny it, the easier it is to pass on those engagement numbers to you. But with the feature to hide likes on Facebook, you can now keep those metrics private. Let’s look at some more reasons why you might want to hide likes on Facebook.

1. You don’t need to create content just for likes

Many social media users are using the number of likes on their posts to validate themselves and the content they create. The more likes they get in their mind, the better their content is. So, before creating or posting anything, they’re asking themselves, “Will people like this?” As a result, they don’t create or publish the kind of content they want to create.

2. Few Likes Can Send Negative Signals to Your Audience

It’s not just Facebook algorithms that use likes as a way to rank posts on the platform. Social media users are also using those numbers to judge the quality and popularity of content. If they see that a post has tons of likes, they immediately decide that it’s a hit with other users.

So, instead of looking at the actual quality and content of the post, they are letting those numbers decide which content to like, share or interact with. In other words, there is a chance that the number of likes can affect your Facebook engagement.

3. Creates a more positive environment

Facebook has rolled out the option to hide likes so that users can focus more on photos and videos rather than likes. This can create a healthier, more positive environment in which users have the freedom to express themselves. As a result, we can see creativity flourish as creators have the courage to experiment and display their originality.

4. Benefiting Brands Just Getting Started on Facebook

For many brands, turning off the like count on Facebook is a great way to encourage their audience to judge content fairly. This is especially helpful for brands that are just starting to grow their presence on the platform.

National Geographic doesn’t hide the likes, but here’s a look at what this post would look like if they did:

Nat Geo Hide Likes
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5. Improves Mental Health

Unfortunately, like counts affect not only the content creation process but also people’s mental health. Experts have found that getting fewer social media likes can lower a teen’s sense of self-worth.

A lack of validation can lead to increased negative thoughts about yourself. It can also exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety over time. So, one of the most obvious benefits of hiding likes on Facebook is the potential for improving the mental health of the users.

Why don’t you want to hide likes on Facebook?

On the other hand, hiding likes on Facebook may not always have positive results. For example, influencer users may be unable to display the exposure of their content. As a result, they may have a hard time scoring brand partnerships.

For brands, not displaying their Facebook likes can seem confusing or suspicious. In a world where transparency has become the key to winning consumer trust, it can ruin your relationship with the audience.

How to Hide Likes on Facebook: Your Posts

Have you decided to try out this new feature? If so, it is very easy to install. Here are three easy steps to hide the like count on your Facebook posts:

step 1: Go to your brand’s Facebook page and click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select “Settings and PrivacySelect “and then”AdjustmentYou can follow the same steps for your personal profile if you want to try it for your personal Facebook account.

Facebook page dropdown menu with arrow pointing to Settings & Privacy button
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step 2: Once on your “Settings” dashboard, click on “privacybutton from the left-hand panel of the screen. This will open all of your privacy-related settings. From here, you can change settings for your Page’s information, tagging actions, blocking, and messaging.

step 3: From the left hand panel, select “Feedback Preferences” at the bottom. Then toggle on the option to hide the number of responses to your post.

Facebook Privacy Dashboard with arrow pointing to React Preferences Button
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Simply – your posts will no longer display the number of likes you have received. Once you are ready to start displaying the number of likes again, all you have to do is follow the steps above and then toggle off this option.

How to Hide Likes on Facebook: Pages You Like

When everyone can see the pages you’ve liked, it’s easy for your information to be compromised. By default, everyone can guess your interests and values ​​based on the Pages you’ve liked.

Malicious users can manipulate information to their advantage. This may involve running elaborate scams with targeted messaging. They may also be able to use the information to imitate your brand, which can threaten your brand reputation.

Therefore, hiding the pages you like is a great way to prevent being overexposed on the platform. This way, you can maintain some of your privacy and significantly reduce the chances of your account being compromised.

Additionally, brands may also want to hide other Pages they like to streamline the information displayed on their Page. When people visit your Facebook Page, it’s to find out more about your business. They might want to see your photos and videos or join your community.

However, they may not necessarily be interested in knowing which movies, sports teams, or TV shows your brand appeals to. So, when you hide them from your page, it becomes easier for people to find the information they really need.

For example, a California farm chooses to display sections about its events, reviews, photos, and videos. Additionally, they choose to include sections about their brand and their community. This keeps the page minimal while displaying only the most important information.

The California Farms Facebook page displays all sections available for viewing.
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Here’s a step-by-step process to hide the pages you’ve liked on Facebook:

step 1: Go to profile and click on “More” button. You’ll find it below your cover photo in the toolbar. The same option is available on your Brands Page if you want to hide Pages that your brand has liked on Facebook.

step 2: select “LikesSelect “Options” from the drop-down menu. This will open your “Like” dashboard, which displays all the pages you’ve liked on Facebook.

facebook page "More" dropdown menu with arrow pointing "Likes" switch
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step 3: click on multiple points button from the top right corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu with two options. Click on “hide section“Hide all the pages you’ve liked” button immediately. to select “Edit the privacy of your choiceTo manually edit the privacy for different categories.

Drop-down menu with arrow pointing "Edit the privacy of your choice" switch
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step 4: You will now be able to see a list of all the Page categories that are available on Facebook. You can manually change the privacy of your choice for each category. click on globe button next to the category you want to edit, and then selectonly me,

Pop-up window with option to select audience for Page Likes
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Note that this option is only available for personal accounts. Therefore, you will not get the option to change the audience setting for individual categories for your Brand Page. The only option is to hide all your liked pages. To do so, simply follow the instructions given above, i.e. click on “hide section” switch.

Bonus Stage: You can further edit the sections you want to appear on your page to keep it clean and minimal. To do this, click onMore“Button and select”manage sections” from the drop-down menu. Then uncheck all the sections you want to hide from your page.

We suggest keeping only the most essential details about your business. This includes your “About” section and your photos and videos. Additionally, you should also give your audience the option to view your groups, communities, events, and live videos.

Consider whether hiding likes on Facebook is right for your brand

Hiding the number of likes on Facebook allows users to focus on the content of the post. That way, they can judge the post objectively and decide how to interact with it. As a result, brands that are just starting to grow their presence on the platform can take advantage of it strategically.

If you decide to hide your Facebook likes from the public, you should still use engagement data internally. Check out our complete guide on Facebook Analytics to help inform your strategy.

How to Hide Post Likes on Facebook: Your Step-by-Step Guide first appeared on Sprout Social.

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