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Agency Pricing and Packaging Report

Over the years, agencies have fully embraced the growing popularity of social media. As shops expand their social media capabilities and customer adoption of social media service offerings increases, the question facing agencies these days is how to most effectively price and package their services.

The challenges with pricing and packaging social services are now even more pronounced, with agencies factoring in the events of 2020, as agencies set their business goals, adjusting to remote working, and shifting target customer demographics.

To better understand how agencies are thinking about social, we surveyed 440 agencies about their service offerings, client packages, and contract and quotation processes. We also explored how agencies are responding to this year’s challenges and why, despite all the unexpected disruptions, they are still optimistic about the 2021 outlook.

What you will find in this report:

  • Most Common Agency Pain Points
  • Services included in agency social media package
  • Agencies’ approach to pitching and packing services
  • Key measures to process the data

Download this report to learn how to effectively price and package your agency service offering.

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