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Workforce solutions for the 3 most pressing challenges

Today’s Top 3 Top Workforce Management (WFM) Challenges

There are many different workforce management challenges that businesses need to navigate in the current business environment in order to improve market competitiveness and overall profitability. We examine these three challenges below, as well as potential workforce solutions.

#1 Getting Relevant Data for Meaningful Insights

Getting relevant data and insights has been an uphill task for many businesses. This is mainly because most of the data is manually curated and is in old filing systems. It will take a lot of time and effort to pull all the information and put it together to identify trends, patterns and insights. This data is also often not reliable due to the element of human error.

So what is the solution? You guessed it, technology as a contingency workforce management solution. These systems automatically capture data, organize and analyze it, allowing you to gain insight into elements related to employee overtime, time and attendance, individual grades, completed tasks, and more. It provides valuable insights for a business that will enable:

  • Rapid identification of problems or issues
  • Effective tracking and management of overtime
  • Operations manager to identify valuable employees
  • Job tracking and completion time
  • Management of Profit Per Action
  • Identify opportunities to increase income
  • labor cost reduction

#2 Unpredictable work schedules

One of the most time consuming tasks an operations manager can do is creating work schedules, especially where the workforce is unpredictable and sometimes more unreliable due to socio-economic factors. This can create many problems for a business, such as employees not showing up on time or not showing up for jobs at all, even when they are scheduled to do so.

What is the workforce solution to this challenge? Simple answer is a scheduling software solution like easy roaster, This workforce solution makes it easy to make on-target forecasting to meet service-level agreements and enhance customer experience. It provides predictive forecasting, which helps to accurately forecast, and schedule workers so that managers can develop strategies for grade/rank scheduling and shift preferences. This type of workforce solution can even anticipate staffing needs across multiple sites, ensuring that you lose nothing and don’t disappoint any customers.

#3 Difficulty scheduling workers across multiple locations

Scheduling workers in many places can overwhelm any operations manager. In addition, there may be employees whose schedules accidentally overlap at different locations at one point in time. This particular challenge leads to other problems, including reducing labor costs.

While some organizations still use paper for scheduling, or an Excel spreadsheet, a workforce solution such as easy roaster Dramatically reduces time and human error when scheduling workers across multiple locations.

Digital workforce management solutions quickly resolve multi-location staff scheduling issues, including overlaps, before they show up or alert management of conflicts. This software solution caters to multi-location staff scheduling and often allows users to view these multiple location schedules separately or together.

easy roasterHelps schedule your organization’s employees to one or more locations, for example:

  • With the right number of employees of the right grade, rostering at the right sites
  • limiting overtime and unproductive time as much as possible
  • To ensure an acceptable profit for each site

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