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6 Simple Ways to Talk to Your Customers

6 Simple Ways to Talk to Your Customers Read more at Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Word of mouth marketing is considered by many to be the most desired form of marketing. The trust, referrals, and overall brand-building that comes from customers spreading the good word to prospects is worth its weight in gold. Some products, services and experiences naturally generate chatter, but there are things any company can do to encourage word of mouth and cash in on the buzz.

Here are six ways to get your customers talking about you and your organization:

1) ask them – The best word begins with the “word of hearing”. Call your customers and ask them why they buy, why they stick around and why they tell their friends about you. You might be a little surprised by their answer. prompt: This is not usually the content in your new marketing brochure. If you really understand what your current customers value about doing business with you, you’re more likely to attract the right customers and the right buzz. The same goes for listening online and on social media – what are they saying on Slack channels, blog comments, LinkedIn or Twitter?

2) teach them Sometimes word of mouth is great, but sometimes you have to help it. One way to do this is to make sure that you are teaching your clients how to recognize an ideal customer, what a potential customer might be looking for when looking for your products, and how to properly and concisely describe How is your company different? Of course, in today’s hyper-social media world you should also be teaching your happiest customers how to write reviews. bark, google my business, facebook ratings and reviews, inside pagesAnd city ​​search type rating sites.

3) star them – Leaving a customer testimonial or success story untold or untold is downright criminal in WOM circles. You can easily record customer testimonials on iPhone or Android today, or you can start doing video interviews zoom To record their success stories. These “real life” pieces of content are gold and turn your featured customers into referral billboards that speak for your brand. Want to take this idea up a notch? Host a customer party and put on a dozen or so movies at a time in a nice environment – this alone will get your customers talking.

4) Involve Them – It’s just human nature to like being asked what people think, but it’s also a great way to get some good advice. Create a roundtable discussion group made up of select clients and charge them to advise you quarterly or once on new marketing and business initiatives. (Reward them for it in some way, too.) This can include offering advice on everything from product expansion to redesigning your website. The members of your marketing round table will become natural ambassadors for the brand. (You can do this with a simple video chat meeting – zoom Or googlemeet,

5) video them – People are more likely to respond to personalized videos than general videos on any given day. People’s email inboxes and newsfeeds are so full of businesses trying to sell to them that it’s hard to stand out in all the noise today. One-to-one videos are a very effective way to stand out from the crowd. you can use tools like loom Send a quick personalized message to a potential customer about something you’ve seen on their website, invite a lead to sign up for an event you think they’ll find valuable, or Follow up with a potential client with a personalized video instead of an email.

6) Surprise them – I guess I’ve saved the best for last – some things speak louder than they startle. This might involve doing something that was out of the blue and that they greatly appreciated for giving them more than they bargained for. I remember a PR firm pitching me some business and the account rep showed up to meet with an apple pie. (I’m still talking about it.) I worked with a financial planner once. that hired a mobile auto detail firm for its expansion. During the annual review of the customer’s cars – that created some buzz.

Of course the bottom line is you have to do good work, do something someone will appreciate, and create an experience worth talking about, but again, prime the pump and reap the benefits of that greatness.

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