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Why marketing needs to be part of everyone’s job (and job description).

Why Marketing Needs to Be Part of Everyone’s Job (and Job Description) by John Jantsch Read more on Duct Tape Marketing

Yet too often businesses of all sizes leave the official job of marketing to, well, the marketing department, often referred to as the business owner or top salesperson, who turns into the marketing person.

But, here’s a little news – marketing is everyone’s job. Anyone connected to your business who comes into contact with a prospect or customer is performing a marketing function. It’s not just marketing people in their headlines. So the question is, are these people ready to do that job well?

Marketing isn’t just a new advertising campaign, an email series, or the current promotion of the month. It is much deeper than that. Marketing needs to permeate every aspect of your business and become part of everyone’s job description from admin department to managing partners and so on. That’s why internal marketing and official marketing training is so important.

What is internal marketing?

If you think that people outside of your marketing department understand what the marketing team does and why it is important to your business, you are wrong.

Internal marketing is essentially promoting your company’s goals, vision, products and services to your own employees. Customers’ feelings and attitudes toward a company are based on more than just the products or services you provide, but also on their overall experience with your business. And your entire organization is included in that experience.

The ultimate goal of internal marketing is to ensure that your employees can provide value to prospects or customers because they understand and believe in your company’s brand, goals and vision. And maybe, you can teach them what they can do to help.

I believe one of the smartest things any business can do is to create and execute official marketing training for everyone in the business. Again, this goes for delivery people, administrative people, and people dealing with finance (especially people related to finance).

I’ve given an example of what should be included in an internal marketing training program that you can use for your own company.

Guide Your Internal Marketing Training Program With This Outline

Organize brand meetings at least once every quarter (and with every new employee who joins the company).

This internal seminar can and should include training and examples on things like:

  • why you named your company what we did – Add it to your personal story
  • Which colors, images, fonts are official and why – Create a simple style manual of standards to share with everyone
  • Your key marketing message and why – Help everyone add their status to the message
  • The way you want the brand to be perceived in the market – Your goal, a word of your cooperation
  • Benefits of your products and services – Demo them and present them just like you would a client
  • Description of your ideal customer – Use photos and success stories from real customers
  • Your current lead generation activities – Show ads, landing pages, run radio spots – sell them on campaigns
  • Your Lead Conversion Process – Everyone needs to know the next step when a prospect calls
  • Key Marketing Metrics – Sales Generated, Leads Generated, Referrals Generated, PR Generated, Social Media Development
  • your marketing calendar Show everyone you have a plan for the future

In addition, I would help everyone write or rewrite some aspect of their position to include a direct relationship to the marketing function they perform.

For example, an administrative person who primarily answers the phone may have instructions to answer the phone and call the appropriate person, but in the marketing world, that person’s instruction may be to answer the phone and To serve as a first impression and representation. Brand’s Now, can he change that person’s role in a powerful way, I’ve seen it happen.

Then take it up a notch and create a marketing scorecard for everyone. Simply list all the marketing-related ways that every position in your organization can earn marketing points throughout the day and turn it into a game. ie – asking for and getting referrals, turning a customer complaint into a win, writing blog posts, participating in social networks, sending hand written thank you notes, giving referrals, making contacts at chamber events. Challenge everyone to score X amount of marketing points each week and create a rewards program as part of your marketing workshop.

Getting marketing understanding and buy-in from their entire team makes them feel more empowered to act on behalf of the brand and better ambassadors wherever they meet with prospects and customers. Think about it – if you had two marketers out of a ten person company, what would you do: Two people Or An entire team of ten promoting your company’s work to the rest of the world?

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