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16 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Brand’s Marketing

To build a successful Twitter marketing strategy, you need the right Twitter tools in your tool belt. Online tools and software can help make Twitter marketing and management much easier and more effective.

Throughout this article, we’re going to share several management tools, follower tools, tracking tools, scheduling tools, and more—and if you’re looking for the top Twitter analytics tools, you can visit our post about the tools. that help you track and report your analytics.


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Best All-in-One Twitter Tool

Many Twitter tools have their own set of features—and we’ll cover several throughout this article—but there’s only one that combines them all into one complete tool.

1. Sprout Social

Screenshot of Sprout Social's all-in-one Twitter tool
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Sprout Social’s Twitter management tools cover almost all the tasks you’ll need to accomplish—managing, scheduling, listening, monitoring, analyzing, and more.

Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place, whether you’re working with multiple brands, need to keep track of different Brand Location accounts, or have additional support accounts to monitor. Publish or schedule your content and measure its performance from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Screenshot of Sprout's Twitter dashboard
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Sprout Social offers a free 30-day trial so interested Twitter users can test their software before diving into the paid version. Paid plans start at $249/month and give users access to tons of great features that make it easier to manage their Twitter accounts.

Twitter Management Tools

Twitter management can encompass many things, but it is generally viewed as a tool that allows brands and their marketing teams to create, schedule, edit, and monitor their tweets. Here are some Twitter management tools that your team might be interested in trying out.

2. Grouptweet

Screenshot of the website of the Twitter tool GroupTweet
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GroupTweet is a useful Twitter tool because it allows more than one person to manage your account. If you have a team of social media managers working on Twitter, you’ll need more than one login to your management tools. This can sometimes add to the cost of your tools – and if you’re on a tight budget, it can be a dealbreaker.

But with GroupTweet, your whole team can easily tweet all from the same account. GroupTweet offers a free 14-day trial for teams to test the tool. Paid plans start at $7.99/month for five contributors.

3. Planable

Screenshot of Twitter Tool Planable's website
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Planable is a Twitter management tool that allows teams to collaborate on content together. It has an approval process, so teams can easily train new team members or get client approval before publishing. Planable allows marketers to preview posts how they will appear on the platform to avoid any awkward errors.

Plans are flexible with Planable. There’s a completely free plan and paid plans start at $11/user/month, but prices fluctuate based on the number of users and workspaces you need to include for your team’s use Is.

twitter marketing tools

Twitter marketing requires some unique strategies – the use of hashtags, a clear combination of post types, ads, organic content and more. We have some tools that can help with your marketing strategy.

4. Retag

Screenshot of Twitter tool RightTag's website
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RiteTag is a hashtag analysis tool that can help brands find the best hashtags to use in their tweets. Find keywords and hashtags relevant to your business and find out which hashtag gets the most views and traffic. RiteTag has a suite of tools, including RiteForge for publishing content, for short CTA links, and RiteBoost for boosting posts within your current scheduling tools.

RiteTag lets single users access certain features for free on a limited basis; Otherwise, it costs $49/year. For the full suite or WriteKit, the price is $54/month, paid annually.

5. Audience

Screenshot of Twitter Tools Audience website
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Audiences provides a Twitter-specific marketing tool that lets brands gather data on their Twitter audiences so they can better cater content. This can work perfectly with your management tools (like Sprout Social) to research your followers so that you can better target your marketing content to the right audience.

Audience has a completely free plan with limited access to its Twitter marketing tools. Paid plans start from £32/month for Twitter tools only.

twitter follower tool

It’s important to monitor your followers to make sure they match your target audience. If you start generating more followers that don’t align with your target customer, you might be publishing the wrong type of content. These tools can help you grow your Twitter following with relevant users.

6. Tweepy

Screenshot of Twitter tool Tweepy's website
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Tweepy is an AI-powered tool that can help you find the right accounts to follow and in turn increase your follower count. Set relevant hashtags in the tool’s dashboard and target users. The AI ​​will then generate a list of hyper-relevant Twitter users and share the best ways to engage with them. By using these tricks, you’ll start to get noticed and gain even more followers.

Plans start at $10.75/month, paid annually, or $12.99/month, paid monthly.

7. Circleboom

Screenshot of Twitter tool Circleboom's website
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Circleboom is a follower analytics tool that can help brands pinpoint fake accounts, inactive accounts, and more so they can unfollow them and stop receiving spam in their feed. The tool also provides Twitter audience insights so brands can ensure they are generating followers that match their target demographic.

Circleboom has a free forever plan with limited access to the tools. Premium, all-access plans start at $17.99/month.


Screenshot of Twitter tool Followerwonk's website
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FollowersWonk is a great tool for finding accounts to follow and analyzing your current follower count. Search accounts based on keywords in their bio and follow them in the FollowersWonk app. View graphs to gather information on your current Twitter followers, such as location, bio, and more.

Get access to limited features for free, or sign up for a paid plan starting at $29/month.

twitter monitoring tools

Monitor your Twitter performance with Twitter Monitoring Tools. These can help you gain deeper insight into how each of your individual tweets is performing.

9. Keyhole

Screenshot of Twitter Tool Keyhole's website
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Keyhole is a tool for gathering insights on the performance of your Twitter posts and account as a whole. How many tweets you have published in a given time period, how many engagements they have received, likes, clicks, retweets and much more. Check the overall health of your Twitter strategy with a tool like Keyhole.

Keyhole works for more social media platforms than just Twitter, so the tool is worth more than some of the others on our list. Plans for small businesses start at $79/month and scale up based on the needs of your team.

10. Trendmap

Screenshot of Twitter Tool Trendmap's website
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Trendmap is a tool for monitoring conversations on Twitter. Keep track of relevant trends so you can incorporate them into your content or get an idea of ​​when topics are being discussed widely. Receive alerts based on keywords you set about different topics of conversation so you can be a part of the discussion.

TrendMap has a completely free plan with basic trend tracking, but paid plans start at $25/month.

11. Mention

Screenshot of Twitter Tool Mention's website
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Mention is a tool for monitoring online conversations. Use it to track different conversations on Twitter and have them in a single dashboard for you to monitor. You can also use Mentions to monitor mentions of your brand on Twitter, even if they don’t directly tag your business.

The Mention plan starts at $41/month.

twitter tracking tool

Track important accounts, influencers, competitors, and more on Twitter with these Twitter tracking tools.

12. Daily 140

Screenshot of Twitter Tool Daily 140 website
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The Daily 140, named for the original Twitter character limit, is a great tool for keeping track of accounts important to your business. Create a daily email newsletter with accounts of your choice—these could be experts or influencers in your industry, competitors you follow, news outlets, and more.

This tool is 100% free and can be a great way to keep track of important Twitter users.

13. Twitonomy

Screenshot of Twitter tool Twitonomy's website
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Twitonomy is a great Twitter tracking tool because it provides a lot of information at once. Track your Twitter performance, your followers, your lists, keyword searches, favorite users and more. The tool is also completely free, making it a great tracking tool option for your brand.

twitter scheduling tool

Don’t try to manually publish your Twitter content—you’ll drive yourself crazy. Instead, invest in a scheduling tool so you can create and schedule a week’s worth of content at a time.

14. Meet Edgar

Screenshot of Twitter tool MeetEdgar's website
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MeetEdgar is a unique Twitter scheduling tool because it maintains an archive of all previous published posts so that you can find tweets that perform well or have even gone viral and follow up on them before publishing them again. can work. Easily schedule a large batch of material to go out over a week or two, making your job that much easier.

Plans start at $24.91/month.

15. TweetDeck

Screenshot of Twitter tool TweetDeck's website
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tweetdeck Is a Twitter-proprietary tool that lets you create mini dashboards to monitor tweets, share content, schedule content, view notifications, and more. This is a completely free tool that is extremely useful for managing your Twitter content. Some marketers prefer to use TweetDeck as their Twitter dashboard instead of the Twitter app.

16. Twitter

Screenshot of Twitter's built-in scheduling tool
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And finally, Twitter In fact it has its own built-in scheduling tools. It’s a relatively recent addition to the platform, but it can be extremely useful for trivial scheduling. Type in your Tweet, then click the clock icon to access the scheduler. You can also take a look at your entire feed of scheduled posts to make sure you’re not posting too close together.

Find the Best Twitter Tool for Your Needs

Not every Twitter tool will work for your brand and your team’s needs. Do your research and read our descriptions of each tool to find the one that’s best for you. Or, simply take advantage of Sprout Social’s all-in-one Twitter management tool. Get started with our free 30-day trial and see if our solution will work for your brand.

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