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4 Steps to Building a Successful Agency Marketing System

4 Steps to Building a Successful Agency Marketing System Written by John Jantsch Read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Running a successful marketing agency is no easy task. It requires careful management of resources, strategic planning and keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. But, to stand out from the competition and make your mark, you need to have a winning marketing system.

What is a Marketing System?

A marketing system is a series of steps and processes used to create, deliver and measure the success of your marketing efforts. This can include everything from identifying a core message and designing effective campaigns to developing your ideal customer personas and reporting to track your metrics. By having a well-defined system, you can ensure that all aspects of your marketing process work together to drive your business forward.

The problem with most marketing agencies today is that they are selling the strategy of the week and not a repeatable system.

In the fast-paced world of marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends or tactics. But, this can often lead to short-term strategy-crazy thinking and a lack of long-term strategy. That’s why having a repeatable system is so important. A system that isn’t built on following the latest development hack or strategy, but is instead designed for the long haul, is reliable, teachable, and easily repeatable by anyone on your team.

Remember why you went into business in the first place?

My guess is it was probably for one of the 3 i’s; Income, independence and influence.

When you first started your marketing agency, you probably had a vision of what success would look like. You wanted to earn an income, have the freedom to make your own decisions, and make an impact on your customers and the industry as a whole. A successful marketing system can help you achieve these goals and others.

Here are 4 steps to building a marketing system for your agency’s success.

  1. promise to solve a problem
  2. create a repeatable process
  3. charge what you’re worth
  4. Build a reliable and professional network of partners

Step 1: Promise to solve a problem

The first step in building a successful marketing system is to identify the problem that you solve for your customers. It is important to find a problem that is not only relevant to your target market but one that you can solve in an effective and efficient manner. Once you identify the problem, you can develop a strategy to solve it.

Or even better, you already know the problem you solve. If you know this, you need to focus on promoting it in your messaging. Don’t promote your own brand or strategy. Instead, focus on promoting how you are solving your customers’ unique problems in your own unique way.

Potential customers will also be drawn to you over your competitors because you see what problem they are trying to solve. They’ll see that you’ve got their problem, you’ve got their business, and you’ve got them.

Step 2: Create a Repeatable Process

Once you’ve identified the problem and come up with a strategy to solve it, the next step is to create a repeatable process that you can use to implement and measure your strategy. This process should be tailored to your specific target market and should be easy to understand and execute.

Step 3: Charge What You’re Worth

It’s no secret that the marketing industry is highly competitive. But, to be successful, you need to make sure you’re charging what you’re worth. This means pricing your services according to market rates and ensuring that you are providing value for your customers.

If you decide to double the fee for your services now, what will it do to your business? The reality is that you’ll probably make more money, have easier customers, and have more time for fewer customers. Yes, you may lose some customers, but the actual effect of raising your prices will be positive for your business.

Most of the time, marketing agencies charge low prices for their services because they fear losing business. Truth is with a repeatable, problem-solving approach; You can charge whatever you want.

By charging what you’re worth, you can be sure that your business is profitable and that you’re building a sustainable system for the long term.

Step 4: Build a reliable and professional network of partners

No marketing system is complete without a reliable and professional network of partners. This can include different types of partners, such as vendors, freelancers and other agencies.

A great team you can count on to deliver quality results, quickly reaffirming why you’re paying that premium. By being able to delegate tasks to great people you trust, not only are you making more money, but you’re also creating more freedom for yourself.

what to look for in a marketing system

When you’re building a marketing system, there are a few key elements you should look at. This includes:

  • Clear Objectives: Your system should have a clear set of objectives that you are trying to achieve. This will help you stay focused and ensure that all your efforts are making progress towards your goals.
  • Scalability: Your system should be able to scale as your business grows. This means the ability to adjust to different partners, changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Measurement: You must have a way to accurately measure the success of your system. This can include tracking metrics such as customer engagement and conversion rates.


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Examples of Successful Marketing Systems

There are many examples of successful marketing systems that have been used by businesses to achieve their goals. Some examples include:

  • Michael Quinn Agency: Developing A Profitable Marketing Agency By Licensing The Duct Tape Marketing System
  • Mark Fortune How Small Business Marketing Systems Can Be Simple And Successful
  • duct tape marketing system; Scaling Your Agency Without Adding Overhead

If you are looking for a proven marketing system to help you grow your agency, consider licensing our system. We have a track record of success, and our systems can help your agency reach its goals and make an impact on the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our system can help make your agency a success.

Creating a winning marketing system for your agency doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following the four essential steps outlined above and keeping the key elements and successful examples in mind, you can be sure that your system is designed for success.

With the right marketing system in place, your agency will be well-positioned to achieve its goals and make an impact on the industry.

Don’t do it alone, let Duct Tape Marketing help you create your proven system today. learn how.

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